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The September Sundowner, Houghton Woods, West Sussex (Whiteways Lodge)

21st September 2011

Racing returned to Houghton!

Thanks to all of you for taking part and for all those who came to support the race, it was a perfect evening. Even my daughters had a great time making new friends and being young ravers with their glow sticks!

I think we achieved exactly what we were after, got local racingback, great atmosphere and a bit of fun!

Thanks again to all those who helped, be that promoting the event to your friends or helping on the day, you were all brilliant - group hug ;-) x

Had a walk around today with the Forestry Commission and I will be speaking to them again very soon, I think he was rather impressed and shockingly we found one piece of litter, YES ONLY ONE PIECE! I cannot thank you all enough for that, they were pleasantly suprised.

If you could all find 2 minutes to email me (mason@mtb-events.co.uk) just a bit of feedback on the event I'd really appreciate it, I can use this when talking to various people regarding 2012 events. Your feedback will really add weight to my plans etc. Also if it was your first race please let me know too.

Pictures will be available soon. Enver has been taking pictures at motorsport events for many years and this was a new sport for him, he loved the evening so I am sure we can get him back for future events. Please buy a few pics if you see yourself, it will help get him back, although he has considered buying a mountain biek so he can take part!

Also check out www.clockscleatsandcranks.co.uk. Andy makes some wonderful items from bike bits and was very generous in supporting the event, if you buy something menton the September Sundowner so hopefully we can get his support for future events.

And thanks again to Pete at Geared Bikes, with very little notice he very generously supported us with a number of prizes, so again please nip to Pete's shop and buy stuff!

My last thank you is to my wife Carol, so supportive in helping make this happen, loads of laminating, made all the numbers and very late nights in to the early hours on top of looking after 3 unders 7's and me!

Watch this space, updates on future plans will follow in the coming weeks, feel free to follow us on Twitter as I get the hang of using it!

OK that is enough waffle from me, off Cwmcarn tomorrow for the first time, will be nice to ride my bike for a change!

And finally....

Provisional results are below:

Well done to you all, especially to those who this was their first event.

Senior Female
1 Fay Cripps, Geared Bikes.co.uk
2 Christina McGuiness, Geared Bikes.co.uk

Senior Male
1 Steve Calland, Southdowns Bikes Cycling Club
2 Chris McNamara, Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Alpha R.C
3 Fraser Clifford
4 David Simnett, Geared Bikes.co.uk
5 Matthew Lewis, Owens Cycles/Scott
6 Alex Taylor
7 Simon McNamara, Southdowns Bikes Cycling Club
8 Paul Flynn, None
9 Steve Brown
10 Chris Dobson, Geared Bikes.co.uk
11 Tim May, Geared Bikes.co.uk
12 Rory Hitchens, Pivot big wheeler
13 Mark Hooper, Sussex MTB
14 Rupert Peddle
15 A
drian Karn
16 Craig Boyns, Geared Bikes.co.uk
17 Philip Hoy
18 Duncan Green
19 Nigel Foskett
20 Simon Smith
21 Gary Wright, Geared Bikes.co.uk
22 Peter McGuiness, Geared Bikes.co.uk
23 Steve Jackson, unattached
24 Charles Rodmell, Team Forever
25 Scott Fitzgerald, Kingley Vale mountain bikers
26 Keith Everley
27 James Bloomfield
28 Stephen Custance, Horsham Amphibians Triathlon
29 Neil Mel
30 Max Blood
31 Alexander Claber, Brighton MTB
32 Henry Larden
33 Russell Lowman
34 Brian Weston
35 Curtis Charlie, tailend
36 Peter Fraher
37 Jim Kirk, Sussex Muddy@rse
38 Chris Bartram, Sussex MTB
40 Adrian Marsh
41 Alasdair Wardrop
42 Joe Staker
43 leon turner
44 Nick Becker
45 Dean Amos
46 Neil Innes, Southdown Velo
47 Rob Warner
48 Jason Budd
49 Alistair McLean, Southdown Velo
50 Gavin Ward

Junior Male
1 Alex Kean

Youth Male
1 Tom Paine
2 Connor Innes, Southdown Velo

Well done to you all, especially to those who this was their first event.

If you need to know anything else please contact me on:


Thank you.

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